10 Packing Tips Every Traveler Needs to Know

Learning how to pack efficiently can make traveling a breeze. The key is to pack light and smart. Airlines are getting stricter on bag regulations and often charge for any checked luggage. These added expenses can easily be avoided by making smart packing decisions at home.

1. Plan Ahead

The best way to avoid panic packing is to plan ahead. Different people approach planning in different ways. For many, a packing list is key. Pro tip: check your list the night before you leave to make sure you didn’t forget anything. Some people simply need to start the process early and have their bag fully packed and sitting in the corner days in advance. Find a system that works for your personality.

2. Be Familiar with Airline Baggage Policies

Every airline has its own set of rules including carry-on and personal item size and luggage fees. Befo

re you start packing, make sure your baggage fits in the category you think it does. Most airlines allow for one carry-on bag and one personal item to be stored under the seat. Nevertheless, check with each airline you will be traveling with to avoid any traveling foibles.

3. Roll Your Clothes

This advice is tried and true. Rolling your clothes saves you a ton of space in your bag. It could mean the difference between carry-on and check luggage. It really is a game changer.

4. Take Less Than You Think You Need

Lay out everything you think you want to pack on the bed. Think about outfits, events, and what pieces can do double duty. If possible, cut the clothes you think you need in half. You don’t need a different pair of shoes for every possible situation.

5. Layer on the Go

Consider wearing bulkier clothing items on the plane. This can save room in your bag for other essentials. Often times, flights can be on the chilly side. Having that hefty jacket handy might not be such a bad thing.

6. Go Light on the Toiletries

Only bring essential toiletries. If you wear makeup, consider lightening your load for travel. Invest in travel size containers for shampoo, soap, and lotion. Most commercial airlines have restrictions on liquid container sizes. If you plan on staying in hotels, you might be able to avoid carrying bathroom items all together and opt for using what the hotel provides.

7. Stay Organized

There are many products on the market that can help you stay organized. Things like packing cubes and ziplock bags can help you save space in your bag and find things items more quickly.

8. Optimize Your Personal Item

Many airline policies allow for one personal item that can be stowed under your seat. Consider choosing a tote over a tiny purse. This allows you more space overall for packing and you can keep your wallet, passport, and daily use items nearby.

9. Keep Essentials Close to You

If you do check any luggage, make sure you don’t pack any essentials or high dollar items in these bags. Your identification, passport, money, jewelry, electronics, credit cards and other valuables should be brought onto the plane with you.

10. Reduce Your Gadgetry

Don’t try to bring all of your electronics with you. Travel is a good time to unplug and gadgetry becomes cumbersome and is often unnecessary. Load up your smartphone with any movies, books, or music you might need and leave the other devices at home.

Lightening your load can make travel more fun. Avoid having numerous bags to haul around. These ten tips are sure to have you packing like a pro in no time.