8 Day 7 Night Vacation

​Choose from many locations around the world including, Mexico, Florida, Jamaica, San Francisco and many more top destinations.


  • ​​Attend our 90 minute presentation in Carlsbad
  • ​Must be over 21
  • ​Combined income of 55K

​Please note this is not a time share presentation 

​and our presentation never exceeds 90 minutes!

​About Infinitee Travel

​Discount Travel Club in Carlsbad, CA

​We offer discounts cruises, hotels, resorts, excursions, rental cars, flights and shopping/dinning discounts all over the world. 

​GET Your Vacation Today

Act now and  you will receive your 8/7 night resort stay plus $250 in dining discounts. 

Appointments every:

 Thursday 4 and 7,

Saturday 10am, 1pm & 4pm

Sundays 1pm and 4pm

A Bonus gift will be added to anyone who books an appointment for this weekend!

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